We believe in the power of technology

In Schibsted we believe in technology and innovation. But we also believe in the importance of discussing both opportunities and the risks and pitfalls they bring – and what all of this means to our society. This is why we publish this report.

For Schibsted, the value of technology lies in its ability to provide better products and services to our consumers. Take, for instance, how technology allows for new ways to collect, catalogue and categorize data: when our media houses – like VG and Aftonbladet – know what you like to read, and what you have already read, they can adapt their online front page and bring you more relevant content. When our marketplaces – like Finn and Blocket – know what you are looking for, they can connect you with the right job, right house or right product at the right price. And when our digital services – like Helthjem and Prisjakt – know more about your preferences, they can offer you solutions that save you both time and money. In short, data and technology allow us to bring you better services and solutions, which in turn can make your life more convenient and perhaps even more enjoyable.

Then again, we are aware of the responsibilities we take on, when we manage the technology and administer the huge amounts of information.

What it all boils down to is ourselves and our choices. Technology is created by people, and people decide how to use it, and for what. This is Chief Data and Technology Officer Sven Størmer Thaulow’s point in his article where he claims to be a true tech optimist – but also a tech realist. Sven’s interest in technology was awakened by his grandmother who brought home the latest tech and tools from America. No wonder he wanted to be an inventor as a child.

We all need inspiration – and hope. And that’s another side of technology. What can tech do to solve the climate crisis? Our newspapers all focus on climate change – and never before has the public interest been more profound. But how do you cover this topic in the best possible way? Do you sound the alarm or point to solutions? Svenska Dagbladet and Aftonbladet have chosen two different paths and made some powerful journalism – not least when it comes to the photography.

When it comes to the climate, we often ask ourselves “What can I do?” Well, you could start by changing your clothing habits. Britt Nilsen, Schibsted’s Head of Sustainability, explains why the fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment and why it is time to start shopping secondhand – or perhaps start renting your wardrobe.

You could also look in the mirror – if you can pick which one to use. Some compare our digital future to a mirror world, a perfect copy of the real one but with a lot of functionalities coming alive around us and offering us a more convenient life. Others claim the mirror is broken and that we will all live in different realities depending on our interests, abilities and resources. Perhaps this is the biggest tech challenge to discuss ahead – how do we make sure everyone has the same opportunities? The sixth edition of Schibsted’s Future Report addresses this and other key tech issues. Enjoy!

Kristin Skogen Lund
CEO of Schibsted, as of December 1, 2018
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One year as CEO, and six as CEO of Aftenposten
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