Schibsted Future Report - a story of sharing ideas since 2014

Looking into the future is great fun. And even more so if you do it together. The Schibsted Future Report is our outlook at trends and phenomena happening around us. Things we believe are shaping the future and stories that we want to share with you and the world around us.

For ten years now, Schibsted has published an annual outlook on trends within tech, people and business. It’s written by our own people who share their thoughts, insights and ideas on phenomena that are affecting our businesses, the world around us, how we work and how we live our lives. We also tell some stories from our Schibsted family of digital brands. And let you meet some of our people.

We create this report every year because we want to share these stories with the world, to start discussions and to let people get to know us a bit better. Openness, transparency and storytelling come from our legacy, as we have owned independent newspapers since 1839. We are also a family of entrepreneurs that embraces innovation and entrepreneurship.

Schibsted Future Report - a story of sharing ideas since 2014

David Stillberg – for many years sub editor, and photo editor Emma-Sofia Olsson, take a last look before sending final pages for printing.

The story of Schibsted Future Report started in 2014. Back then we were still operating a lot like a hidden corporate brand. But there was a growing need to get the large family closer together and thereby building the Schibsted brand internally. This, and a need to share internal knowledge, brought on the idea of a publication, written by people from within the company. But very soon we realised that this was content worth sharing externally as well. And as Schibsted is now moving towards becoming a consumer-facing brand – the report has become one of our most important tools to build the brand also externally and to spread knowledge about what we do and what we stand for.

Art Director Andreas Lewandowski discusses some illustrations with sub editor Fredrik Tideman.

Schibsted Future Report - a story of sharing ideas since 2014

We make a printed edition which we share internally, at Future Report events, on employer branding events and fairs. Our sales teams also distribute it at events and as gifts. All content is also presented online at, open for everyone to read. During the years we have produced the report, more than 174 people have contributed with content, we have made ten editions and printed more than 50,000 copies.

At the Future Report events, contributors present their themes and trends on stage to an external and internal audience. We have visited Oslo, Trondheim, Stockholm and Copenhagen, so far. Not only is the content written by Schibsted people. An internal editorial team also puts it together, using the expertise of different departments and brands.