Meet our people I care for our contribution to society

"I care for our contribution to society"

“Talent is the foundation of success, so our people are, without a doubt, our most important asset,” says Grethe Malkmus, Schibsted’s new Head of People and Communication.

Grethe joined the company six years ago and has held a number of roles over the years, including Director of People at VG and in News Media. This has given her insight into Schibsted’s different brands and diverse cultures, as well as an understanding of the opportunities and challenges in an evolving employment landscape.

“It’s never been more important, or more challenging, to attract, retain and develop the talented employees we need in order to fulfil our purpose of empowering people and serving society.”

Economic uncertainty, increasing global competition and changing attitudes to work means that there is a need to focus on multiple fronts, like identifying the right talents and making sure to give them what they need, she explains.

“It’s a tough task, no doubt, but I can’t think of a better-placed organisation in our markets to address this.”
She mentions the learning opportunities within an inclusive workplace and career opportunities across the businesses as great options to attract and retain talents.

“In my heart, I truly care for the success of Schibsted and our contribution to society. Every time I pop into the daily all-hands in our media houses and experience the enthusiastic debate around journalism, I’m always reminded of our purpose. I am really proud that what we do in our team has an impact on that larger purpose.”

Grethe Malkmus, EVP, Chief People and Communication Office

Author Monika Gustavsson och Karin LIander

Monika Gustavsson and Karin Liander

They make the office feel like home

In Stockholm, around 20 Schibsted companies have their offices in the same building. The different spaces are designed with each company’s need and identity in mind – much thanks to Monika Gustavsson and Karin Nyberg Liander.

Monika and Karin belong to the facility team and take care of all surfaces to make sure everyone has the space and furniture they need.

“When we started, there were desks in straight rows, and people were disturbed without understanding why. Now we are looking into each company’s needs and then we are trying to create a nice, homely feeling,” Karin explains.

And many changes have been made lately, not least because people are working from home and don’t have fixed places at the office. New kinds of spaces are needed and the leading word is an “activity-based office”.

“Minor details matter and we try not to skip those little extra things, even when the budget is tight,” says Monika.

Another change is that now most people in the building know who is responsible for the work environment. Karin and Monika move around and talk to people.

“The best thing is that our job varies a lot,” says Monika.

“And that we get to be creative and make people feel good while being here,” Karin adds.

Monika Gustavsson, Karin Liander, Workspace Managers, Stockholm
Years in Schibsted: 5

Author Agnieszka Lasyk

Agnieszka Lasyk

Trust and safety make teams happy

Agnieszka Lasyk is into happy teams. She’s working as a director of engineering, based in Schibsted’s office in Krakow, Poland, and she is certain that a safe working environment is crucial for success at work.

“I really want to be part of creating the best environment possible to give employees the best opportunities to excel.”

Her interest is rooted in her former studies. She has a degree in sociology, and as a manager in Schibsted, she drew on her learnings and experiences on building happy teams in order to improve performance, on her own initiative. And she started off by spreading the message with a presentation to tech leaders, about three years ago.

“At first, I was a bit reluctant, thinking that this is common knowledge. But then I was asked to hold presentations in different teams and forums, so apparently, it’s not that obvious.”

Her main message is that happy teams perform better – and that trust and psychological safety are the foundations for building them. And that managers and leaders need to act as role models.

“Managers should make their whole team understand that they can come as they are and work to foster an inclusive and transparent culture.”

Agnieszka Lasyk, Director of Engineering, Schibsted Marketing Services
Years in Schibsted: 9