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New offers of news bundles are a first move to create an ecosystem within Schibsted. AI brought a 500-year-old king to life. Tibber will help you get in control of your energy consumption. Meet three people from different Schibsted business areas.

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Giving users the best experience

“Schibsted reaches 80% of all Swedes and Norwegians on a weekly basis through our different brands. So, we have a unique opportunity to give these users new offers and great ­experiences,” says Karl Hahtovirta, Director of Subscriptions in Sweden.

Schibsted is closer to an ecosystem

Schibsted has been working towards an ecosystem across our brands for many years. Now we’re getting one step ­closer with the Alpha project.

“Schibsted reaches 80% of all Swedes and Norwegians on a weekly basis through our different brands. So, we have a unique opportunity to give these users new offers and great ­experiences,” says Karl Hahtovirta, Director of Subscriptions in Sweden.

Karl, who has worked in all of Schibsted’s three business divisions, really sees how broadly Schibsted’s ­various products touch people in their daily lives.

Since we can share data across different Schibsted products, we have a much deeper understanding than before about the people who use our products and their needs. This ­data could help improve the products we have – Aftonbladet, for instance, could learn from the needs of Blocket users, Karl explains.

“We could also offer bundles with Schibsted brands or in co-operation with partners. And we could identify clusters of new products needed by these users and create them.”

As a start, Schibsted is already offering bundles of our different news brands in Sweden and Norway. Karl is also sure that the ongoing AI wave will open up for exciting opportunities, in which news brands can expand the content they serve and also offer the right format to the right user.

“In this AI-era, trust will be a great asset, and here Schibsted is well ­positioned with our loved brands.”

Karl Hahtovirta

Karl Hahtovirta
Vice President Subscription Sweden, Schibsted
Years in Schibsted: 9
My favourite song the last decade: Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Chatting with a 500-year-old Swedish king

How do you bring a 500-year-old king to life? With the help of AI, of course.

“We created a chat where our readers could talk to Gustav Vasa. He got 2,000 questions and 60,000 people followed the live chat on Aftonbladet.”

Moa Gårdh is Director of Product at Aftonbladet. She is responsible for developing Aftonbladet as a product, making sure it lives up to users’ expectations – and at the same time ensuring it stays relevant and maintains its important role in society as a media company.

“The Gustav Vasa chat was an exciting way to develop editorial content and a great example of how we can work with AI. Not least it was a fun way to teach young people about history.”

Now, you might think that ChatGPT made it easy to create the chatbot. But it turned out there was a significant knowledge gap when it came to the ­historic Swedish king. So, the team behind it created a database with information about him, and they also trained the model to answer questions in a way similar to how Gustav Vasa would talk.

“It’s the social platforms that drive the development for how we consume content,” Moa explains, adding that as a media house, Aftonbladet needs to be open to new consumer habits and prepared to think outside the box.

Moa Gårdh

Moa Gårdh
Product och UX director, Aftonbladet
Years in Schibsted: 6
My favourite song the last decade: Ålen – Amason

Tibber is pushing an energy revolution

Their mission is to make green electricity more smart and cheaper for all households. Now Tibber has started to sell batteries to help consumers optimise their consumption, even more.

“We believe that technology will ­accentuate the green shift and every single customer experience. We are in the middle of a revolution,” says Edgeir Aksnes, CEO of Tibber.

The company delivers ­electricity to households in the Nordics, The Netherlands and Germany. But their idea is to help customer lower their energy cost with the help of digital services and devices. Like batteries for households with solar cells.

“We have created the world’s smartest battery, together with our partner Polarium. It adapts to electricity price, how much the sun is shining and to your consumption. And through our grid ­reward, you can get paid for supporting the power grid.”

Edgeir believes that helping people get control of their power consumption is crucial.

“When we started we had an idea that we would create the Internet Of Electrical Things. Today we see that that’s what we’ve done.”

Edgeir Aksnes

Edgeir Aksnes
CEO and co-founder Tibber
Years in Schibsted: 2
My favourite song the last decade: Faded – Alan Walker