Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO Schibsted Media Group

Let the change be for the better

How do we look forward in the midst of a pandemic? Another question is how can we not?

We’ve passed the initial troubles of adjusting all our ways and routines to Covid-19. We’ve realized that this is a marathon rather than a sprint — and one we have to get through together. We have also realized that some things will never go back to the way they were, even in the long run. Now is a good time to reflect, try to look around the corner and see what’s ahead. Change is here anyway — why not use the momentum to make a change for the better?

The Schibsted Future Report is one way of looking around that corner. We see it as an opportunity to get new perspectives on trends and topics we find interesting. And never has it felt more important to share those perspectives with others. Conferences and large events are on pause, we don’t meet in person to workshop and to discuss, and even if we do connect in more digital ways than we could ever have imagined – we do connect less.

That’s why this year’s Future Report is accompanied by a series of open webinars with conversations and discussions. Watch out for more information on

Covid and beyond

This year, a portion of the report is reserved Covid and its impact on society. We’re looking back through history to see the ways in which major crises have changed the world, how Covid has pushed digitalization and what new challenges leaders face because of it.

We also look beyond the pandemic to explore the next AI-challenges, what makes startups succeed, and how tech might be a gamechanger in farming.

Moreover, we explore how finding solutions to unpredictable challenges is a new mantra within sustainability as well. Experts believe a resilient mindset will help us invent solutions that enable us to cope with the challenges and even to create new opportunities.

Opportunity and legacy

“Opportunity” was certainly the key word when Schibsted, together with Adevinta, acquired eBay’s classifieds businesses this summer – creating the world’s largest digital marketplace company. Everything about the deal was done digitally and long distance. We weren’t sure we could make it happen, and we were certainly an underdog in the bidding rounds. In the end, we believe our legacy, culture and commitment to societal trust were factors making us attractive as buyers.

We’re proud to contribute to a society where trust is still valued. We also know not to take it for granted, and our news media are always looking for new ways to inform society through high quality and trustworthy journalism. Frøy Gudbrandsen, Editor-in-Chief of Bergens Tidende, thinks tomorrow’s news journalism should be based on nearness. News media need to have a deep understanding of what’s important in peoples’ lives, to be present where it happens, but also to be close to and understand customer behavior.

In times of crises, it is easy to see the importance of trusted and fact based news. It is also easy to see the need for boldness and change. In Schibsted, we want to keep making bold moves and keep being a force for change and empowerment in people’s lives. That is also why we believe in looking around the corner and sharing new perspectives.

Kristin Skogen Lund
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2 as CEO, and 6 as Commercial Director and CEO of Aftenposten 2004–2010
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