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Driving innovation

The competition for the best entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs has never been tougher. In the era of digital transformation acquisitions and investments are the way to innovation and development. But how do you win the game? This is the Schibsted recipe for investment success.

Embrace constant change

A culture of constant change and strong collaboration enables you to experiment with new business models and ventures. Behind every success there are vast amounts of new experiences and straight out failures. The nature of experimenting with new products, services or technology is that most fail and some succeed. Regardless of the turnout, you learn from all of them.

Partner with great teams

Formulate an investment thesis around why and how to invest, analyze macro and business trends. Form investment themes based on your strategic focus areas. Invest in specific or across all stages of a company’s life cycle but make sure that the companies you invest in have a unique product, service or value proposition and the potential to become a market or industry leader. Most importantly, partner with great founders and teams and let startups be startups and entrepreneurs be entrepreneurs.

Play offense, not defense

Make up your mind if you wish to defend your existing business, or create new business opportunities, by investing. If you choose the latter, prioritize investments in ventures that extend your product, business, market segments, geography or perhaps even takes you into new industries. Ultimately you should aim for, and dare to, disrupt yourself before someone else beats you to it. In the rapidly changing world we live in, the biggest risk of all is to take no risk, to stop experimenting, stand still and accept status quo.

Invest for the long term

Stand out and differentiate from other types of investors by making strategic, long-term investments with the goal of building successful companies together with great entrepreneurs. Companies you can follow and help grow over a long period of time, companies that will shape the future of their respective industries and eventually the future of yours.

Add real value

What are you bringing to the table? As a part of a larger group, entrepreneurs get access to an exclusive network of other entrepreneurs and professionals with experience in building, growing and expanding companies across the world. A network they will surely contribute to as well as extract knowledge from. In Schibsted, portfolio companies operate independently and are run by their respective CEO’s and founders. Being a part of the Schibsted family means getting access to and being able to leverage infrastructure, technology, data and the relationship to all our users.

Finding the next big bet

When everybody is an entrepreneur and all industries are in various stages of digital transformation, there is no lack of investment opportunities. However, the odds are often against you. A rough estimate is that only 1 in 100 startups grow to become great companies. Use your network and get help finding the ones that stand out. At Schibsted, we want your help finding them: If you see a tiny company taking off without anyone noticing. Or if you meet a team or founder with high potential, let us know! And we want to find the next big thing with the help of our extended Schibsted family.

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